Quest for Glory 3 walkthrough

INTRODUCTION This walkthru gives explicit instructions for playing Quest for Glory III that lead to a successful conclusion. It provides, where necessary, separate directions for each of three different characters (Fighter, Magic User & Thief). The fourth character type (Paladin) is also supported, although separate directions are not normally supplied nor required. The information given here assumes that the player has read the game documentation included in the Quest for Glory III game box. This documentation comprises the 'Sierra Game Manual', the 'Quest for Glory III Technical Manual' and the 'Famous Explorers' Correspondence Course'.
CREATING A CHARACTER Before you can start playing you must either import a character from a previous QUEST FOR GLORY game or create a new character. This walkthru assumes you are creating a new character. So the first thing is to do so! Three different characters will be displayed: Fighter, Magic User and Thief. Select whichever appeals to you. Note, however that the Fighter is a somewhat easier character to play. Then allocate points. You will have default settings but you may assign an extra 50 points to any attributes which you feel need boosting. Don't forget to give your character a name.
GENERAL HINTS 1. Sleeping There are several places where you may sleep safely: Your room at the Inn in Tarna, your hut in Simbani village, the Pool of Peace, the Heart of the World, the Jungle and the Savanna (with caution) or beside a camp fire, lit using the Tinderbox, via the map. 2. Eating Meat rations can be obtained dirt cheap, so offer outrageously little for them! And stock up! When you go into the Jungle make sure you are not hungry or short of rations, or you will just wander around endlessly looking for food that can not be found. 3. Monsters Watch out for monsters in the Savanna and the Jungle. If you see a Rhinoceros approaching step to one side! When you encounter a monster run away if you are not a Fighter. If you defeat a monster, see if it has any treasure on it. There are some particularly nasty monsters in the Jungle. You may need to take a Cure Pill if you get bitten by a Flying Cobra. 4. Money You will likely need to find extra cash to spend on pills and potions, and other supplies. The green crocodiles carry a few Royals each which you should pick up whenever you kill one. When desperate for cash stroll along the river bank seeking out the Crocs! 5. Fighting Fighting is essential in order to be able to obtain extra money. (See point 4 above.) But unless you are a Fighter, it is better to put off fighting until you have increased your ability in your character's particular fighting skills. 6. Paladin Character You may import or become a Paladin character. For the most part a Paladin should follow the same instructions as a Fighter. Paladins should not be so aggressive toward other creatures. So to build up his fighting skill points, a Paladin should seek out Demon Worms.
OPENING SEQUENCE Your character and your friend, a liontaur called Rakeesh, have been summoned by a colleague of Kreesha, the enchantress Aziza. Aziza retells the attempt of Ad Avis to summon the Iblis, and your intervention which prevented this catastrophe. She also tells you that are now Prince of Shapeir. She has received a message from Kreesha of Tarna, recalling Rakeesh and asking that you accompany him. She wishes you both to help prevent a war between two tribes. Kreesha believe the unrest is really caused by Demons, perhaps unleashed by Ad Avis' magic which was released at his death. Three days later you leave Shapeir for Tarna via a magic portal. You are accompanied by Rakeesh, and Uhura and her son Simba of the Simbani village. Kreesha greets you as you all arrive in her home in Tarna. Uhura and her son depart for the Simbani village.
KREESHA'S HOUSE You may talk to the two liontaurs to recap and/or glean more information on the situation. When you are ready, leave the house via the top left of the screen. As you go, Kreesha informs you that she has reserved a room for you at the Inn. And Rakeesh asks that you meet him in two days to stand before the Council of Judgment and then journey with him to the Simbani village.
BAZAAR, RAJAH'S CHAMBERS Walk down the stairs to the left and enter the Bazaar. Now go to the left and witness a dispute. As the thief makes off your action depends on your character selection. Fighter: Chase the thief. Magic user: Cast a Calm spell on the thief. Thief: Throw a dagger at the thief. A guard asks you to accompany the thief and himself to the Hall of Judgment. Here the thief is declared honorless. You are thanked for helping apprehend the thief and then summoned to the King's chambers with Rakeesh. Do your best taking to this arrogant liontaur. Try to appease Rajah, praise Rakeesh and find out what the King has to say. You will exit onto the Upper Plateau. Go down the stairs to the Middle Plateau.
KREESHA'S HOUSE Magic User only: Go to Kreesha's house and ask her about magic and related matters. She tells you must find some Magic Wood.
BAZAAR Go back to where you witnessed the dispute and change all your money at the Money Changer's to Royals. Then buy a Waterskin from the Leather Merchant. Walk past the fruit seller to the Honey and Junk dealers. Buy Honey and a Tinderbox. Thief only: Buy the blackbird from the old man. (I don't know of any reason, other than to get game points! Exit at the bottom of the screen and enter the riverside bazaar. Thief only: Buy a Rope and make the thief sign. Ask the Rope Maker about Acrobatics and buy Training. Create a Rope and Grapnel from your inventory. Exit at the bottom of the screen and enter the end of the bazaar area. Hand over your note from Shema to the cat-like creature. Leave some coins for the Drum Player. (Thief tries to take some!) Now wander around the entire bazaar area chatting with the dealers gleaning as much information as possible about the bazaar, Tarna and related matters. When the bazaar closes for the night, leave and return to the Middle Plateau.
WELCOME INN Enter the building on the left. This should be the Welcome Inn. Check out the bulletin board, then take a seat. You will be greeted by the Welcome Woman. Chat with her, order a meal and then go upstairs on the right to your room. Sleep until morning.
APOTHECARY Go down stairs and order breakfast. Leave the inn and go into the doorway on the upper left. This should be the Apothecary. Purchase a few Healing Pills and Cure Pills, and ask about Dispel Potions. Chat with Salim and you will find out about the honey bird and Salim's dream. You find out he needs a honey bird feather, some water from the Pool of Peace and a fruit of the Venomous Vine. Magic User only: Buy a few Mana Pills Return to the Middle Plateau and go right to the City Gates. Now go through the small entrance at the top of the stairs and enter the Temple of Sekhmet.
TEMPLE OF SEKHMET Walk over to the table. You will converse with a priestess and Sekhmet. You will be asked to seek the Gem of the Guardian. Return to the City Gates and exit at the bottom of the screen.
SAVANNA (near Tarna) Now explore the savanna.
VENOMOUS VINES Try to find the venomous vines. They are in the area of a pair of rocks south east of Tarna. If you do not have time to find them, try again another day. When you do find them you must do the following: Fighter: Watch the Meerbats. Then leave. Return to the Meerbats and watch the small Meerbat get caught up in a venomous vine. Use your sword, on the vine nearest you and the vines will retract. Give a healing pill to the Meerbat to help it recover. Pick up the opal and fruit from the rocks. Magic User: Use the Fetch spell on the fruit on the large vine in the center. You may also follow the Fighter method, above, except use a Fire spell on the vine nearest you to make the vines retract. Thief: Use your Rope and Grapnel to retrieve the fruit. You may also follow the Fighter method, above, except throwing a dagger at the large vine in the center to make the vines retract. If you get tangled in a vine you must use your sword or dagger to free yourself. Take a cure pill if you were attacked by the vines or you will die in a few hours from the poison.
HONEY BIRD If you see the bird, follow it to the bee tree. Put the Honey from your inventory on the ground in front of the tree. Leave, then return to the bee tree and collect the Feather. At the end of the day, you will return to your room for the night.
TARNA If you have found some of the ingredients for the Pharmacist, take them to him and, if you need to, purchase more pills.
HALL OF JUDGMENT, RAJAH'S CHAMBERS You attend the Hall of Judgment where you have another meeting with the 'ornery King. Rakeesh and yourself pledge to prevent war and the two of you travel to the Simbani village. Chat with Uhura and Rakeesh at every opportunity. Stay the night in your hut.
SIMBANI VILLAGE Continue to chat with Uhura and Laibon and the other Simbani village inhabitants at every opportunity to continue to gain more information about the situation. When the moon rises, witness the village Storyteller, at the center of the village and listen to his story. If you do not time this right the first day in Simbani try another day. At the end of each day return to your hut to sleep.
SPEAR THROWING (Fighter & Thief only) The Spear Throwing area is to the left of the Village center. Fighter: Practice Spear throwing. If you have selected a medium to high skill setting, you will have to compensate for the wind speed and direction. When you are good enough, Uhura will challenge you. This may take several days of practice! Thief: Practice Dagger and/or Spear throwing here.
WRESTLING BRIDGE (Fighter & Thief only) The wrestling bridge is to the right of the Village center Fighter: Practice hand-over-hand crossing of the bridge. Then practice balance on the bridge. Eventually, practice wrestling on the bridge with Uhura. Thief: Practice balance on the bridge. If you see the Acrobat Icon Box, you have become good enough to practice acrobatics on the bridge,
CAGE AREA The Cage area is behind the Laibon's hut. Chat with Yesufu and play Awari with him. Magic User only: Play many games of Awari to build up your intelligence.
SAVANNA (near Simbani) Leave the village via the outlook and go to the Pool of Peace. Fill one of your Waterskins with the Peace Water. Drink some water from the pool. Magic User only: Cast a Detect Magic spell here. Open the brown paper package in your inventory. Now use the brown paper to learn the Juggling Lights spell. Return to Simbani.
SIMBANI VILLAGE, SPEAR THROWING, WRESTLING BRIDGE, CAGE AREA Continue practicing your skills in the Spear Throwing, Wrestling Bridge and Cage area
CAGE AREA Chat with the Storyteller.
SAVANNA (near Simbani) Fighter: Practice fighting the monsters. Magic User: Practice magic spells in an unoccupied area. Thief: Use the Stealth Icon and practice your sneaking skills when you encounter monsters.
SIMBANI VILLAGE, SPEAR THROWING, WRESTLING BRIDGE, CAGE AREA Continue chatting to all Simbani inhabitants, and practicing your skills in the Spear Throwing, Wrestling Bridge and Cage area
JUNGLE Walk to the far right into the Jungle. If you come across a trapped monkey, free him and make friends with Manu. Magic User only: If you meet a Leopard Man, use your Reversal spell. Walk to the Giant Tree in the middle of the map. Walk up the path until you are just past the upper waterfall and enter the cave on the right. Wait for the Guardian to communicate with you. Talk with the Guardian. Ask the Guardian for a gem and take one of them. Magic User only: Ask about Magic Wood Leave on the right of the cave and walk up to the cave above the waterfall. Walk to the spiral platform at the center of the screen and place a Waterskin of peace water here. Take your Gift from the Heart of the World. Return to the jungle. Walk to the far right toward the waterfall. Fighter & Thief: Practice your skills in the jungle. Magic User only: Practice your skills and look for the Blue Orchid in the jungle and use a Fetch spell to get it. Return to Simbani Village and practice your skills. Magic User only: Talk to Yesufu, at the Awari board, about friendship. Then go to the Pool of Peace. Fill another Waterskin with water from the Pool of Peace. When the moon shines on the pool, dip the Blue Orchid in the pool. Spend the night here, then return to the Heart of the World. Put the Blue Orchid on the spiral platform and take the Magic Wood. Fighter & Thief: Stay the night in the hut. Fill another Waterskin with water from the Pool of Peace. Return to Tarna.
TARNA Visit the Apothecary and hand over any further ingredients he needs; i.e. Feather, Peace water, Gift from the Heart of the World and Venomous Vine Fruit. Purchase any pills or potions needed. You will have to return later for the Dispel Potion as Salim needs time to make the potion. Magic User only: Visit Kreesha's House and learn the Magic Staff spell. Visit the Temple of Sekhmet. If you have the Gem from the Guardian you will be expected and will be judged. Make sensible choices and you will receive a useful prophecy. Visit the bazaar area. Stock up on provisions. If you run into the thief, agree to meet him later. Eat at the Welcome Inn. You may have an opportunity to talk about and meet the Survivor here. Return to the bazaar after dark and meet the thief, Harami. Give him some of your food. Return to the Inn, sleep, then eat breakfast. At the Apothecary, buy two Dispel Potions. Magic User only: Buy three Dispel Potions, instead of two. Magic User only: Learn the Summon Staff spell at Kreesha's House Thief only: Buy some Oil, and if you are low on them, Throwing Daggers. Leave Tarna and go out into the Savanna.
SAVANNA Fighter only: If you have not done so yet, you must defeat a dinosaur in the Savanna and take its horn. Continue on to Simbani Village and stay the night there.
SIMBANI When your skills have progressed sufficiently, when you visit the Cage, you will find a Leopard man in the cage. Fighter and Magic User: Visit the Laibon and ask about the prisoner. Chat with Uhura about the prisoner. Thief only: Use your Fine dagger to open the crack at the back of the Laibon's hut. Using 'Stealth' sneak over to the magic Drum and take it. Sneak out of the hut. If you are caught, it means you have to increase your Stealth or sneaking skill. Use one of the Dispel Potions on the prisoner in the cage. The Leopard man is a Leopard Lady! Chat with the Uhura, and you will find out that she will likely be someone's bride! Find out about the Bride Price. Fighter only: Visit the Laibon and tell him about the Dinosaur. You are now qualified to undergo the Initiation Contest!
TWISTED TREE Take a Vine and attach it to a spear. Use the spear to get the ring. WALL OF THORNS Move the log into the wall of thorns and walk over the log to get the ring.
RACE Yesufu has fallen. Help him up. SPEAR THROWING Now you know why you were supposed to do all that boring practice!
WRESTLING BRIDGE If you performed well against Uhura you will win this contest. LAIBON'S HUT If you won the contest, ask for the Magic Drum. If not, your act of kindness will earn you the Magic Drum.
CAGE AREA, LAIBON'S HUT Visit the Leopard Lady and ask Yesufu about the Bride Price. Now visit the Laibon and ask about the Bride Price. Return to Tarna to buy the Bride Price items. TARNA Visit bazaar merchants and buy 5 Zebra Skins, 1 Fine Spear and 1 Fine Robe Don't forget you may have to win your bride with gifts as well. Buy Beads, and a Fine Dagger. Try to buy the Leopard Carving. Return to Simbani,
SIMBANI Chat with Uhura about the Initiation. Pay the Bride Price to the Laibon by handing over one of the Bride Price items. Give the three gifts to the Leopard Lady. Leave and go out to the Savanna to practice your skills. Return to Simbani for the night. The next day, while the uncommunicative Guard is by the Cage, open the cage and free your Bride. She splits! Chase after her. Go to the Jungle.
JUNGLE When you are in the Jungle (with a full stomach) you will feel someone watching you. Greet them, and your 'Bride' will come out of hiding and berate you! Fighter and Thief: Show her the Magic Drum, and she will lead you to the Leopardman Village. Try romancing your Bride! Magic User only: Chat with Johari, then go to the Giant Tree to practice your spells. Sleep in the Heart of the World. The next day, you should find Johari and ask her about magic. She will teach you a new spell. After you part, practice the new spell. Find Johari again, and tell her about peace. She will then lead you to the Leopardman Village. Try romancing your Bride! When you are free to speak to the Leopard people, talk about Magic and you will be challenged to a duel. Accept. You must counter each of the Shaman's spell as follows: 1. Cast Reversal, then Summon Staff against the Fire spell. 2. Cast Calm against the Wall of Flame. 3. Cast Open against the cage. 4. Cast Juggling Lights against the Darkness. 5. Cast Dazzle against the snake. 6. Cast Levitate to rise out of the hole. 7. Use a Dispel Potion on the Demon. Having won the duel, you will have another chance to talk to the leader. Tell the leader about peace. He will hand over the Spear of Death and you will be sent back to Simbani Village. You will then be sent to return the Magic Drum to the Leopardman Village, and then back to Tarna. Thief only: Johari leads you to her father, the leader's hut. Use your Rope and Grapnel on the platform of the hut. Next, throw the hungry leopard some meat. Walk across the tight rope to the hut. Select Stealth. Now, let the monkey out of it's cage and it will run away. Then take the Spear of Death. Return to the door, and you will return to Johari. Fighter and Thief: When you are free to speak to the Leopard People, talk about Peace and you will hand over the Magic Drum. Then tell the leader about Peace again. He will hand over the Spear of Death and you will be sent back to Simbani Village.
SIMBANI, TARNA Your actions have established peace between Simbani, Tarna and the Leopard Men, or have they... (If you have been sufficiently polite and honorable you will be made a Paladin at Kreesha's house). You attend a Peace Conference at Tarna. But a Demon intervenes and you leave Tarna hurriedly before the Gates of Tarna are closed. You must find the Lost City. Head east until you reach the Jungle.
JUNGLE You will meet Manu the monkey on entering the Jungle. Agree to go to the Monkey Village. When you get to the village: Fighter: You must ask Manu for help. Ask questions until you have asked about a Swing Line. Then tell Manu about the Swing Line. A rope ladder will appear allowing you to visit the Monkey Village. Magic User: Cast Levitate and rise into the treetops. Thief: Use your Rope and Grapnel in the treetops.
MONKEY VILLAGE Ask Manu about Demons and question him until he mentions the Bad City. Then tell him about the Lost City. Make every attempt possible to persuade Manu to agree to take you to the Lost City and he will.
WATERFALL CROSSING Fighter only: At the Waterfall Crossing, check out the vines on the left, then ask about a Vine Rope. Once the rope is in place, cross the waterfall, hand-over-hand fashion. Magic User only: Tie the vines on the left together to make a rope. Talk to Manu about having him pull you across while you levitate. You will need his cooperation. Once Manu has agreed and the rope is tied to you, levitate and Manu will pull you across. Thief only: Use your Rope and Grapnel by tossing it to the other side of the waterfall. Walk across the tight rope. Continue on, running away from (or fighting if you want) any 'bad things'.
LOST CITY When you get to the Lost City ask Manu about the Secret Door and the Eye. Go up the steps, and look at the door picturing Anubis. Magic User only: If you do not have the Opal, then Fetch the eye from the statue of the Jackal. Thief only: If you do not have the Opal, then climb up to the statue of the Jackal and take it's eye. Place the Opal in Anubis' eye. Enter through the, now open, secret door. Fighter only: Fight the demon guard. Open the door at the back of the room. Magic User only: Cast Calm on the demon guard. Cast Open the locked door at the back of the room. Thief only: Select stealth. Oil the hinges of the door at the back of the room. Use your tool kit to unlock the door. Open the door at the back of the guard room. Use the Dispel Potion on Reeshaka when she becomes possessed by the demon. Your friends arrive to help fulfill the prophecy with you. You will have to fight your demon self in the Mirror Room. If you are having trouble, Harami will help you out and bring you some pills to restore your strength. You will now face the Demon Wizard. Fighter only: Fight with the gargoyle. When you defeat it, knock it over and cross the chasm. Use the Spear of Death on the Demon Wizard and the Magic Shield on the Orb. Paladin only: Fight with the gargoyle. When you defeat it, knock it over and cross the chasm. Use the Magic Sword on the Demon Wizard, then touch the Demon Wizard. Magic User only: To counter the Demon Wizard's spells, cast the following spells: 1. Reversal 2. Calm 3. Summon Staff 4. When Demon Wizard has fetched your Staff, cast Trigger. Finally, cast a Force Bolt or Lightning Ball at the Orb. Thief only: Climb the pillar on the left side of the chasm. Toss the Rope and Grapnel to the pillar opposite. Walk over to the top of the far pillar. When the Demon Wizard sets fire to the pillar you are on, toss the Rope and Grapnel at the top of the right hand pillar. The rope will be set on fire but make your way over to the right hand pillar using your acrobatic skills. Now toss the Grapnel at the Demon Wizard. Victorious! Your friends are safe, and peace has been established between Tarna and Simbani, and the Leopard Men. But, once again you are enmeshed by demon be continued in